Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St John Vintage

There's a dress for every occasion. Mine happened to be last Friday, when my husband and I celebrated 16 years together, (and a five year wedding anniversary as well).
I found this vintage St John dress at my favorite thrift haunt a couple of weekends ago. Having just returned from the dry cleaners it seemed like the right choice for a night out with someone I've known for over twenty years. We're practically a vintage couple, so what better way to dress for the occasion than with a vintage frock?
Coat: Beth Bowley, Dress: Vintage St John Knitwear, Heels: Arturo Chiang

I added a semi-winter coat because the nights here are still fairly cool, and some kitten heels so that we could stroll at leisure. Check in tomorrow to see how I wore it again this week with an amazing pair of boots I scored on a similar thrift run, (seen previously, here).

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Aw so sweet! A vintage couple... hardly! You're both lookin' pretty foxy! You know I love me some vintage dressing. (Still waiting until you gift me that Mad Men frock) ;)

    Miss you!

    T xx

    November Grey

  2. Congratulations Noa! As always you and Ross are not only one of the best dressed couples I know but also one of the BEST all around couples I have the pleasure of knowing!