About Me

Sunset and 5th represents my two, great passions. Makeup, and fashion design. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I threw on stirrup leggings with vintage tutus at the age of 8, and danced around my living room with lace gloves and plastic bracelets heaped up and down my arms.  As a budding painter, I was never happier than when I could raid my mother's bathroom cabinet, pull out blue eyeshadow and mauve lipstick, and paint my face until it gleamed with shimmer and color. These two, nascent loves, (fashion and makeup) have stayed with me throughout my adult life.

Over the years I've recognized both of my childhood dreams, working first as a fashion designer in New York City and then as a makeup artist in Los Angeles. I've lived two, full lives, on the east and west coast and I passionately love them both. My goal is to share my love of makeup, fashion, and all things beauty. I hope you have as much fun reading these posts as I do in writing them.