Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stila Did It

Stila has some gorgeous new palettes that are a breath of fresh air this fall. All varying shades of earth tones in shimmers and mattes, you can't go wrong with any of these luscious combos!
Heart, Soul and Spirit are the three new palettes I purchased this week. Eager to try the tones and textures, and inspired by this image of model Karlie Kloss that I'd torn from a November, "Best Looks" spread, I decided to play with some of the russet and beige-gold colors.
After beginning with my newest investment, (more on that this week) in Shiseido's BB Cream Dark, I applied loose finishing powder and a drop of concealer above and below my lids to get the canvas primed.
Step one was to swipe the tone "Affection" across my entire lid, from lash to crease. 
Next I added a soft, off-white, matte shadow in "Light" to blend out the crease tone, and buffed  it with a large, blending brush. I ran a beigey-brown shadow under my lower lash line in "Thought" to create contour and depth.
 I blended and softened the lines, but kept the shadows a bit thicker than my normal routine. (A La Karlie).
I also used a swipe of Stila's ubiquitous "Kitten" shadow, (a favorite highlighter for many artists) to lift directly under the brow for a slight sheen.
Next I grabbed a mixture of the top left shadow, (Light) and mixed it with the middle lower shadow, (Heart) to create a blond, brow powder filler. Sometimes you can get the correct tone without resorting to an additional brow palette, as long as the colors are matte and fairly neutral or ash in tone.
I extended my lash line with my favorite Stila pencil, the creamy and perfect, russet colored, Tigers Eye.
For some additional warmth and sheen I added Benefit's Coralista (which is a peachy, shimmer blush), along with a highlighter from Rouge Bunny Rouge.
 Both applications were done with a flat brush to create depth and a slightly more edged line.
 Cheek in center, highlight from orbital bone to hairline.
 A coat of my favorite L'Oreal Manga mascara, and some gloss from Rouge Bunny Rouge sealed the deal.
Stila Eye Palette in Soul, RougeBunnyRouge highlighter and gloss in Sweet to Touch and Fleur Parfait

With Love,

Noa B

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Falling into Fringe

Happy Weekend everyone!

I've been noticing that trends which were strong last year have reasserted themselves this fall. Thank goodness that a minor wardrobe re-fresh can always bring your clothes out of hiding.
This H&H Conscious Collection, lace skirt was a purchase made several years ago, but each fall and each spring cotton lace seems to reemerge. I paired it with carnation pink wedges (my final goodbye to summery shoes before the real cold begins), a polka-dot chambray top, and of course, (my favorite staple) fringe!
Fringe can  "bad girl" up your outfit, or "boho" the heck out of it. (Black for biker, brown and beige for hippie chic). In this case, a little black fringe took the preppy out of this combo and gave it some edge.
And since there are still a few last days of warmth remaining I can rock these wedges for another week or so.
But it's always the fringe that gets me. I'm a sucker for it on bags, cardis, kimonos... you name it!
Shirt: William B, Heels: ShoeMint, Skirt: H&M, Bag: LF, Choker: JewelMint

With Love,

Noa B

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Happy All Hallows Eve Everyone!

I'm so excited, as always, for Halloween. But the fact that it falls on a Friday this year makes it a special thrill! Every year I determine to come up with a great costume, and every year due to work and scheduling and production, I end up throwing something together at the last minute. In light of that fun fact and for those of you who find themselves in similar dilemnas, here's a look back at the last 5 years of costumes and how you can raid your closet and makeup drawer to look fabulous in 30 minutes or less!
2008, (the year we all went "Mad" for Madman"). I went as a "mod". Here I want to give a thank-you shout out to the amazing Jenny Han of Jenny Han designs, who had given me this fantastic, 60's style dress, (which I still have). Not surprisingly, I shot her later campaign based on "Valley of the Dolls". To nail a "Mod", grab a dress that's mini in length, add lashes and take the time to paint on the bottom ones, "Twiggy Style. Add volume to your hair. Keep lips and cheeks pale and pink. The rule is go big on lashes, short on hems.
Pictured above: Noa in Jenny Han, Models in Jenny Han Spring Campaign, Makeup by Me.
The next year we were charged to thematically come as a favorite super-villain. Since I didn't really have an anti hero to root for I went as Harley Quin, and used a hat and face paint to nail a costume in 20 minutes. If you're dying on time, try anything you can paint on yourself. (Harlequins, clowns, etc). I nailed a Harlequin on a photo shoot and if you get the makeup right, you don't even need much by way of clothing. Simple black and white tones and garments will seal the deal. (See Below).
The following year I really got my act together, did some prep, and went as Miss Havisham, complete with spiders, webs, and veil, (plus crinoline). We were to come as favorite, literary figures. I know when Dickens wrote Great Expectations he was picturing the joyful reunion of Miss H and a Star Wars Storm Trooper in 70's suiting. 
Thank goodness I like vintage! When it came time for another last minute costume in 2011, I grabbed a 70's romper, threw on a bolero, bought a quick hat (once again, hats can really seal the deal), added a whip and went as a lion tamer. (Yes, I'm PETA so it was more of a nod to Monty Python).
(And of course in a pinch, there's always a wig). Another idea for an easy costume? Go as an Egyptian goddess or queen.  I shot this not long after The Mummy came out, inspired by Anaksunamon's character makeup. You can buy a cheapie, black drugstore wig and cut bangs into it. I added some beads for flair, and then grabbed a white sheet, cut a hole in the top and poked my model's head through while twisting the sheet into shoulder straps. You can nail the dress by belting it with anything gold. Mix gold shimmer into your foundation and blend it all over the body. Last but not least, go big, bold, and long on the liner, top and bottom. Boom! You're an ancient, baddass.
2012 really saw me in a pinch! I was shooting for two straight weeks, as well as on Halloween night itself. I had thirty minutes to throw something, (anything) together. Fortunately and once again, my love of holding on to vintage prevailed, and I went as Barbara Streisand circa Funny Girl. I just snagged the most retro items, (all 60's vintage) in my closet, added some deeply contoured shadows and lashes, and was out the door! (For a quick lesson on liner, sex pot eyes, and mod makeup, check out my tutorials here  and here)!

Tragically I'm pretty sure there was no costume last year as I ended up working last minute, but I did experience a "Haunted Hayride" at Griffith Park, as well as a "Ghost Train" ride. So all was not lost. This year, the theme is to arrive as "An adult version of your favorite childhood costume". Although I've been again thwarted by timing, I've got the basics ready to go. This time there's no escaping the costume!

Happy Halloween to you all!

With Love,

Noa B

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Entering Fall Via Fishtails

I'm thrilled that it's almost the end of October for two reasons. First and foremost, Halloween is around the corner. (Yay)! But secondly a real fall means I can finally begin wearing nubby tweeds, long hems, loads of dark shadows and rich lip pigments. Goodbye summer sheers, babydoll dresses, and SPF tints. Hello creamy lips, smokey eyes, and woolen textiles!
Starting with this fishtail, maxi skirt from Velvet! I love the almost bridal length  with the trailing back hem. And since it's still warm by day, I juxtaposed it with lightweight, black lace.
A little fedora, some neutral heels, and it's go time.
Skirt: Velvet, Top: Tilden, Hat: Target, Heels: Guess, Bag: Boutique

Stay tuned for some fun, fall makeup looks, coming soon!

With Love,

Noa B

Monday, October 20, 2014

Walking Through It

Hello Friends,

I've been absent from this blog for nearly a month. I never intended to be, as I derive a great deal of enjoyment from sharing the day to day tidbits that come with working in my chosen field.
I debated whether or not to share the reason for my absence from the blogging community. After all, once online, always online. Nor do I have the kind of  presence in the great, big, blogosphere that leads me to believe anyone would pay attention if I didn't write about something connected with beauty or fashion for four weeks. But I began writing Sunsetand5th as a way of reconnecting other parts of my life outside of the day to day operations of being a working makeup artist in the film and TV world. Part of that exercise is in the sharing, and the honesty.
So to be honest, after working myself into a frenzy of 80 hour work weeks and a runaway production schedule, I got sick. Really sick. And it changed the way in which I now believe I have to manage my life and my stress. So here I am. Walking through it as it were. Blogging a fashion tidbit on a bright, sunny, Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica while I ponder the commitment I made to try to write a little something weekly, because this blog has always been a fun, lighthearted sort of therapy for me. 
Dress: Just Love, Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Ibiza, Sweater: Milou, Blazer H&M, Necklace: JewelMint

I've made a promise to myself to attempt a life that's healthy and balanced. I don't kid myself. There will always be stress and anxiety and profoundly difficult things to push through, but I'd like to think this little unexpected hiatus has been a wake up call. So I'm walking into this Monday with a new attitude, a new outlook, and a little fall layering to boot.

Whatever you do, love it, thrive on it, and live it. (Just don't overdo it)...

Noa B