Monday, October 20, 2014

Walking Through It

Hello Friends,

I've been absent from this blog for nearly a month. I never intended to be, as I derive a great deal of enjoyment from sharing the day to day tidbits that come with working in my chosen field.
I debated whether or not to share the reason for my absence from the blogging community. After all, once online, always online. Nor do I have the kind of  presence in the great, big, blogosphere that leads me to believe anyone would pay attention if I didn't write about something connected with beauty or fashion for four weeks. But I began writing Sunsetand5th as a way of reconnecting other parts of my life outside of the day to day operations of being a working makeup artist in the film and TV world. Part of that exercise is in the sharing, and the honesty.
So to be honest, after working myself into a frenzy of 80 hour work weeks and a runaway production schedule, I got sick. Really sick. And it changed the way in which I now believe I have to manage my life and my stress. So here I am. Walking through it as it were. Blogging a fashion tidbit on a bright, sunny, Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica while I ponder the commitment I made to try to write a little something weekly, because this blog has always been a fun, lighthearted sort of therapy for me. 
Dress: Just Love, Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Ibiza, Sweater: Milou, Blazer H&M, Necklace: JewelMint

I've made a promise to myself to attempt a life that's healthy and balanced. I don't kid myself. There will always be stress and anxiety and profoundly difficult things to push through, but I'd like to think this little unexpected hiatus has been a wake up call. So I'm walking into this Monday with a new attitude, a new outlook, and a little fall layering to boot.

Whatever you do, love it, thrive on it, and live it. (Just don't overdo it)...

Noa B

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