Wardrobe Re-Boot

Noa’s Personal Styling: Closet Refreshing Services

Want to learn how to make the most of your closet? Tired of staring at racks of clothing yet having nothing to wear?

Noa’s Closet Re-Boot includes the following:

  1. A personal, on-site visit to your home which will include: an assessment of your closet, your wardrobe, your lifestyle, your needs, and your challenges.

  1. A full clean out of your entire closet including all garments, shoes and accessories. This ensures that items you don’t wear don’t stay hidden cluttering up your space, and items needing reevaluation are seen.

  1. The clean out will be divided into five categories: Donation, Re-Sale, Tailoring, Outfits, and “To-Do”.

  1. I will remove and donate your gently used garments, and will prepare other items in the best shape for resale, (including checking for stains, pressing, loose threads, etc). Re-Sale allows you to keep roughly 35% of the retail value of your clothing, making new shopping guilt free.

  1. Following this, a tailoring pile will be made. These items will be discussed, pinned, and given to your local tailor or a referral of my choice.

  1. After clean out, I will address your “To-Do” items. These are items that require a purchasable addition to make them work for you, (for example, multiple tunics that need leggings or a mini skirt to pair with).

  1. Once done, I will work through your existing wardrobe to assign clothing into “outfits” to maximize unworn or underused items.

  1. Finally, I will make a list of all trend items or staples that you will need to flesh out the “bald spots” in your wardrobe. I will also work with look books, tear sheets, online shopping, and retail sources to ensure that you fill in what you need at a budgetary level comfortable for you. Personal shopping can also be added for a nominal, hourly fee.

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