Friday, September 13, 2013

Underwater Makeup: Making it Stick!

I've been asked to do underwater makeup before. In fact I've even been privileged to meet the man responsible for Daryl Hannah's splash makeup, complete with tail. After chatting with the amazing Thom Shouse about his underwater exploits and personally making up a mermaid for an underwater ad, I've realized that waterproofing color is much simpler than most people think. There's an art to looking lovely in water. So whether you're headed to the beach for the last of September's summer weather or lounging at a pool, here are some easy, EASY products to help you on your way.
1: Start with a cream base. Skip the extra moisturizer and primers as your skin will become too slippery. I found a perfect, phenomenal combo in Rimmel, 9 in1 BB Cream, mixed with L'Oreal BB Magic. The Rimmel creates a creamy, dewy base and the L'Oreal Magic seals the makeup like a demi-matte topcoat. Rub 1 large dot of Rimmel across the entire face, then do the same with the L'Oreal until your skin feels perfectly even.
 2: Blush and eyes: Use creams and creams only. This may seem obvious, but you want the products to feel a little sticky and adhere directly to the skin. I like Stila's Prime Pots which double as eye primers and shadows, as well as their convertible, creme blushes. I chose a neutral Primer pot and dabbed it from lid to crease, and I dotted one spot of cream blush on the apple of each cheek.
3: Next I added cream concealer where I needed it, (in my case, directly under the eyes). 2 brands that tested really well underwater are NARS' new cream concealers and Clio, creme pot concealers.
 4: Last but not least, I rimmed my eyes with a waterproof pencil for definition. For underwater or beach time, skip liquid and gel liners altogether, (they'll run) and don't use any Kohl pencils as they'll smudge. Opt for a 100% waterproof formula. I like MAC Powerpoints in Engraved, (black) and Bountiful Brown. Add a single coat of waterproof mascara and you're good to go. I like L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Noir. Skip the extras such as bronzer or shadow but feel free to use a cream highlighter on cheekbones or the inner eye. (I like NARS as well).
The proof is really in the pudding. To test this makeup I swam 20 laps underwater and then popped my head up for a quick shot after doing multiple, underwater headstands. Yup. No running. No movement. Just soft, touchable makeup that looked wet and sunkissed.

With Love,

Noa B


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  2. GREAT post, girl! And that pic of you in the water is stunning!!

    Tanya xx

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    1. Thanks gorgeous,

      More fun beauty to come soon. Can't wait to see you!

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