Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Shorts in Effect

Although fall is just around the corner, (and believe me, anyone who owns as many boots as I do is always excited for fall) there's still a warm haze in the air. It's the perfect time to marry shorts and late summer items you never got to wear. (I call it exploring the back of the closet)!
This combo from last weekend in SB was exactly that. Wooly shorts combined with a lightweight blouse and open-toed booties.
I snagged these babies years ago, (they were knock offs of a coveted Alexander Wang pair) and they still feel relevant in this transitional weather. A rich, fall color but still open toed for the season's end. You can find similar styles here, and here.
Shorts: Sanctuary, Top: Vintage, Booties: Rampage

Although fall is days away on the calendar, I'll cling to my summer evenings just a little bit longer.

With Love,

Noa B

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