Monday, September 9, 2013

Pistoletto and Fun at the Louvre

That wacky weather otherwise known as Europe in August certainly required a lot of planning, and a lot of layers. Between the chilly mornings and evenings mixed with scorching afternoons, my husband and I traveled with layer-able outfits.
This one was easy. Light tee under a leather crop jacket with riding boots. Seems a bit heavy, but it was just right when morning walks began coolly, and when miles on foot required durable shoes.
And we really did walk countless miles, including the time we spent inside the Louvre. Within those walls I was more taken with the temporary additions and colorful pieces designed by contemporary artist Pistoletto than the permanent wings.
I.M. Pei's massive pyramid was fairly new on the scene when I last set foot here in 1990. A lot has changed but this structure is my favorite thing set inside this otherwise Gothic enormity of a building.
Seen below are the Pistolettos, which were cleverly displayed in between the permanent exhibits. You wandered from area to area and every now and then, they just appeared. The majority were playful interpretations of individuals walking through space and somehow photo-laid onto large, mirrored surfaces. It was so startling to see them that initially, you felt you were walking into another person.
 My personal fave: right here, towards the end of the sculpture hallway.
When, (and if) I ached to see something that brought back years of art history lectures, there were always Odalisques and a few gems to boot...
All in all, there are much more intimate and enchanting museums to visit in Paris than the Louvre with its enormity of vast, medieval collections. But whether it's a first visit or a re-acclimation, it's worth seeing once! After all, you might just bump into a stranger in a mirror!
Jacket: ASOS, Wax Coated Jeans: LF, Tee-Old Navy, Boots: Boutique

With Love,

Noa B


  1. you look so chic and stunning! :)


    1. Hi Rae,

      Thanks so much for the lovely compliment and may I say you have a great look, love you blog!