Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Style Abroad: Amsterdam Days and My Name

During my first evening in Amsterdam I discovered that style is global, and apparently, so am I! Check out the name of this boutique... (I kind of want a Noa Lifestyle franchise now)...

One thing that became abundantly clear during my travels throughout Europe was that style, fashion, and the American fashion market are a global phenomenon. For better or for worse, I couldn't turn a corner in London, Amsterdam or Paris without bumping into an American chain. One very prominent one was American Apparel. I was tickled by the sight of two, young hipsters creating a chalk, graffiti spread at the base of this store front. When they exited I had to snap it.
But this image was the one that I found most fascinating. It's a perfect panoply of Dutch life in the old city. In order left to right: Teenage boy, elderly man, hipster chick with recyclable bag, and little blond fashionista, all waiting to cross the square. All sharing one, common element. The Bicycle.
There was so much beauty and tranquility here. Canals, canals, and more canals. Everything was old world and lovely. Just as I hoped it would be.
Jeans: Vigoss, Jacket: Boutique, Lariat: JewelMint, Snakeprint Flats: BCBG, Blouse: Zara

With Love,

Noa B