Wednesday, September 4, 2013

White Silk in the Haut Marais

There are moments in any city when getting lost among the cobblestone streets is the best thing you can do. Although we were never technically "lost" in Paris, our wanderings took us through a wide variety of neighborhoods in which losing oneself was almost required.
In the Marait and in the Pletz there were moments and vistas that felt perfectly paired despite their extraordinary differences. High fashion mixing with historic landmarks and museums, paired with the best, ethnic street food around.

In the Marait I swooned over the Karl Lagerfeld window displays which featured a limited edition, TokiDoki collaboration with a Karl and Kitty that, (were I a wealthy woman) I would have bought then and there. (One of my design school archetype/genius/idols was always Karl).
In the Pletz we discovered hands down, the BEST falafel I've had outside of Tel Aviv. And I'm talking mouth watering, veggie filled, perfectly seasoned, moist chickpea patties heaped with amazing tahini, the best crunchy salads and most delicious hummus this side of the western  hemisphere. I seriously could've eaten three more sandwiches that day. There's a subtle art to the perfect, falafel sandwich which L'As Du Falafel captured flawlessly. Even if you're an aficionado of French cuisine, this Middle Eastern treat was more than worth the 20 person long line!

Another novelty of the Pletz was discovering the thriving, old Jewish Quarter which is still in existence and retains it's old world charm. We ventured into this area after a visit to the Shoah Memorial and it provided the emotional up-swing we needed after a sobering few hours spent in the permanent exhibit and research facilities. Here's my handsome Hubs taking it all in.
Another thing that rocks in this old neighborhood; the doors. For there are doors, and then there are doors...
Tragically, the Picasso Museum was still undergoing extended renovation that should have concluded by the time of my August visit. Also shut was the Victor Hugo House, but just being able to walk into their stomping grounds proved enough of a pilgrimage for me.
And so I concluded my lengthy walk on the day in which I stopped at the door of a favorite author, walked the streets of a revered painter, saw the memorials dedicated to families like my own, and ate street food like a local in a neighborhood time had largely left alone.
Dress: Winter Kate, Sandals: Zara, Belt: Thrifted.
With Love,

Noa B

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