Friday, September 6, 2013

Paris, LBD's, and Another Kind of "Gallerie"

Welcome to the interior of the Galleries Lafayette, the most luxurious department store in Paris. This 7 story dome rivals Harrods in London or Saks in Manhattan for sheer luxury as well as hip, young brands and gorgeous, cosmetic counters.

I was so excited to finally find some non-American labels that I attempted to take clandestine pix of the clothing. However, after a few rather irritated looks from the shop women I put down my camera and just took it all in instead. But I couldn't resist snapping this Secours, knit dress I eventually left with. It's a chic, open knit with a puff/bell skirt. (I also couldn't resist wearing red lips for at least one day while shopping in Paris).
I definitely managed to do some damage to my wallet and walked away with at least 4 LBD's, but this was by far, my favorite piece. A black, silk satin, tutu number with crinoline on the bottom, designed by a young, up and coming graduate of the St Martins School of Design who purchased the rights to the Brigitte Bardot name. Hence the line, Brigitte Bardot. The sales girl who helped me asked if I would mind her shooting me in the dress. I was more than happy to comply.

After doing some damage at Secours, BB, and Paul and Joe Sister I strolled upstairs to the roof of the Galleries to catch a breathtaking, panoramic view of the city. How many department stores can boast a vista like this?
Soon reality took hold, and my lighter feeling wallet forced me out the door and on to other exploits. But I had a grand time gallivanting around the displays and taking in all the fabulous, fall fashion. 

With Love,

Noa B

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