Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Blues

Happy Monday to you all, (or should I say Happy Tax day)?
Here in LA, it's grey, its overcast, and it's generally rather glum out. I woke up feeling a little blue as I said goodbye to a substantial, IRS check. But we all battle the blues, and the best way to do it is to get out there, have a day, and take yourself into the world with a smile!
I think it's vital to put on a "good face" and make the best of things as much as humanly possible. My answer to feeling glum is throw on some color, pop on my heels, and grab a coffee out of my abode. I've got a lovely coffee maker at home, but it's good to force yourself out into the world when a Monday feels way too much like... a Monday! (So I'm stretching out my mind and body and gearing up for the week ahead)!
When I'm lazy, I find that even a basic tee feels a little cuter with some chains and pops of color.
Skirt: Random Boutique, Tee: Old Navy, Necklace: Nordstrom's, Heels: Chinese Laundry, Earrings: JewelMint

So even if this morning life, taxes, and anything else has you a little overwhelmed, take a moment and do something nice for yourself.

With Love,

(Don't forget to file today)!

Noa B


  1. This is a great look, Noa! Love the color combo. Fierce with your blonde locks too.

    T xx

    November Grey

  2. be nice to yourself too! i am fond of this outfit. it's casual chic, and looks stylish while being comfortable. well done noaB. :)