Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ellis Faas and Spring Colors!

It's springtime and besides clothing, what easier way to launch into the warmth of the season than with some whisper-light, pastel makeup?
Enter Ellis Faas, a gorgeous line by way of Amsterdam, which boasts a stunning collection of bases, concealers, and creamy shadows. (Oh, and did I mention their amazing array of lip stains? See my Instagram favorite color here).
Hot on the trail of my recently bleached brows, I wanted to play with some super sheer, light pastels for spring.
This is Ellis Faas Shadow #E116 . I think it's incredibly fresh for spring. The creamy texture and slight iridescence immediately brighten, and the shimmer adds a touch of the 70's. Plus, it's got a great delivery system! The foundations, concealers, shadows and lips all come in this nifty, pen system which delivers a beautiful finish with no extra brushes and no mess! (Note the fabulous, bullet shaped stylus). So chic!
 illustration  illustration
I clicked the tube, swiped, and was done!
Shadow: E116, Foundation Pen Skin Veil: S103, Concealer: S203, Powder: E402

I also went gaga for the complexion makeup. Thanks to the Ellis Faas foundation and concealer pens, I ended up with a dewy, lovely finish on my skin. So smooth! So creamy! Once again, a couple of clicks and swipes was all it took. And you can get the look at well. Ellis Faas can be found online at as well as at select Bloomingdales and apothecaries.

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. oooh, the light lavender is so good with your eye color!

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