Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coated Denim, Windy Day

It was a crazy, max force winds day yesterday in west LA, and I changed out of a summer frock into a sweater and coated, denim leggings as soon as I walked outside and had my hem blow up my waist. ;)
Some days you have to reckon with a weird, change of temperature. But these "pleather-ish" leggings made it easy to look sharp and stay warm. 
I met another makeup artist to get replenished, (with food, new product, inspiration, and of course, some quality girl time). But I wanted to be comfy when I shopped the market for new makeup products.
Bag, check. Hat to keep windblown hair under control, check. Sunnies, check. Proper shoes for loads of walking, check--sort of...?
Coated Leggings: LF, Sweater: LF, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Hat: F21, Purse: Rafe NY, Scarf: Gap

With Love,

Noa B


  1. i can't decide if the hat, the boots, or the studded sweater is my fave. i like them all!

  2. It is the sexy,shiny tight pants (coated leggings )!I wear N.Y.D.J. Model style : " Angelina " black coated denim leggings with black Red Wing " Pecos " cowboy boots. I'm a senior citizen man.

  3. I can see myself in her equestrian, masculine , sexy duds !