Friday, March 22, 2013

L.A.M.B. and the Importance of Being Thrifty!

I'm a confessed shoe nut, whore, lunatic, lover. I just can't get enough boots and heels. Truthfully, part of this stems from having trouble finding shoes that don't hurt after an hour.  But the other aspect of this insatiable desire to shop the shoe racks comes from knowing that nothing completes an outfit faster than a great set of kicks, (and nothing will give you away faster than bad shoes)....

On the prowl yesterday at my favorite thrift store I scored these! L.A.M.B. Navigator boots in leather and suede. Their retail price? $525! But I snagged them brand, spanking new, (as in unworn) for $25.00!!!
Yup. That is love and joy and delight all wrapped up in one, spectacular bow. And that's why I love thrifting, bargain hunting, and all the savings that go with it! Because a shoe purchased for $525 will be beautifully crafted and wonderful to the touch, but that same shoe bought for 1/20th it's original cost might become the most gorgeous thing you've ever put on your feet.

(Stay tuned to see how I rocked it with a fab, vintage I found on the same hunt)! Happy Friday!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. WHAT?! AMAZING. It's like the AllSaints jacket I found for $40 that retails for $600. Score! I heart thrifting.

    T xx

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  2. I am SO jealous!!! I need to start thrifting a LOT more!!!