Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Fun Day!

I've been looking forward to seeing a dear friend and having a food and makeup "play date" all week. After wrapping late last night, I headed home by way of Trader Joe's to pick up some basic ingredients for this morning's breakfast.
I find that eating a lot of starchy food in the morning makes me extremely hungry within a couple of hours. So when I read this adorable food blog describing how vital it is to have fats and protein in the am with your carbs, I was all about re-creating this incredibly easy recipe featured on Faith from the Kitchn'. This one was for Breakfast Pizza, yum!

(A side bar, I normally make my own pizza dough using a half white, half whole wheat recipe but at 9:30pm I was buying Trader Joe's whole wheat, prepared dough instead)!
Grab a single portion of pizza dough and separate into individual pieces. (I cut a single serving into 4 balls and rolled them flat on a cutting board).
Place dough in a skillet or griddle pan on medium heat. Leave for about 1-2 minutes until the bread begins to "pouf" and bubble. The idea is to treat the pizza dough like Lahvash instead of pizza. Flip once and remove from heat.

Mash up a fresh avocado, add lime, cilantro, salt and pepper. Spread over the bubbling, flat bread.
Fry a single egg medium/well with a teaspoon of oil. Place atop your breakfast pizza. Season or add a bit of fresh tomato and voila! A fun and hearty dish. 
Digest, spend some time with friends, play with some new makeup looks! (We did).  After which we went shopping for some "replenishment" items. My newest "love"? MAC's "feelin good" lip gloss from the Betty and Veronica, Archie comics collection.
Remember the ubiquitous "Vamp" from Chanel in the early 90's? Well that black/blood color is making a comeback. And right now you can get it in this totally adorable packaging at your local MAC pro store.
It goes on almost black, and then softens to a mashed cherry finish...

I rocked it with hot pink blush and black liner on the eyes, (all courtesy of MAC).

I love spending a restorative and relaxing day with a girlfriend! We laughed, we ate, (a lot)! We bought makeup, we shopped the boutiques, we shared a coffee and our weekly backlog of anecdotes. Most of all, we shared...

With Love!

Noa B

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