Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage Sweater

Happy Monday All!

I've been having a wonderful time hosting my parents who've flown in from NYC to be with me and "the Hubs" this week. Amongst our activities, a TON of walking in both SB and LA. The trick to comfortably starting early in the Central Coast is layering warmly for those morning hikes, and then shedding layers as the sun comes out to play. Currently I'm loving this vintage top I found at the thrift store which straddles the line between sweater and poncho.
The cut is tiny, (perhaps even intended as child size) and sits like a cropped sweater but is open at the hem like a poncho.

To this, I added a fringe bag and earrings for a walk down to State Street...
 Boots: 9 West, Bag: boutique, Sweater: Vintage, Tee: Old Navy, Earrings: Gift, Jeans: Goldsign

...Where I did some serious, shopping damage, (I actually saw a Tee-Shirt that read "Shopping is my cardio" and was sorely tempted to buy it).

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. totally cute outfit. i like your sweater/poncho, and it looks great with those earrings. :)