Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun/Quick: Brow Bleaching!

Lately I've been playing with the notion of trying to grow my brows ever so slightly thicker. While I love my thin arches, I wouldn't mind just a hair's worth of additional width. But every time I  leave my tweezers out of the mix for a couple of weeks, when my brows begin to thicken they look dark and overwhelming to me.
Enter a little brow-bleaching test. I figured, if my brows become lighter and softer, they'll look more subtle in the growing out stage. (Also, I've been obsessed lately by the look Madonna cultivated in the late 90's with her "Deeper and Deeper" video--a personal fave. I love her naked brows and had something not quite as radical, but inspired by this in mind).

All I needed was a little creme bleach from the local beauty supplier. (A minor P.S.: had I left the above mixture on any longer than the prescribed time, they would've gone white blond as the ends were literally almost transparent).
Here we go!
It's important to make sure that even if your brows are sparse like mine, you should take care to cover them thoroughly. You'll want to avoid having stray hairs peeking through! Let the mixture sit for no more than ten minutes. Then check to make sure you've achieved the desired lightness.
Voila! Soft, fair brows that should help me in two areas: they'll match my upcoming, honey-blond highlights which I should be doing sometime next week, AND they'll allow me to grow in my brows without feeling as though they're becoming too heavy for my bone structure.

An easy one to try on a lazy, weekend afternoon. And remember, if you don't like the result, you can immediately dye them back with some over-the-counter hair dye, or just wait about 2 weeks for your roots to "come in"!

With Love!

Noa B

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