Friday, June 1, 2012

Principessa Dress

This week I walked my favorite, Tel-Aviv streets from sun-up to, well, sun-up!
The weather was beginning to get really warm, but I had found the perfect dress for roving around yet staying cool. This maxi dress was exactly what I've been looking about for months now, and I found it while enjoying an afternoon with one of my favorite girlfriends and fellow fashionistas, Ms. Tanya D, of November Grey
I found myself at the juncture of Allenby and Rothschild while awaiting a table for brunch. I love this area. It's world famous for its Bauhaus architecture, wide boulevards, and terrific dining. Our hotel was located inside an old, Bauhaus building which once housed the national paper, Ha'Aretz. I love history and old buildings, and I love seeing the plethora of motorcycles and scooters parked in front of them! (The old and the new mingling together).
We lunched at Benedict, a fabulous eatery that actually stays open 24 hours a day. Even for late night Tel-Aviv, that's unusual. 
But even after a luscious lunch, we wanted more. So we took an uber-long walk to Jaffa and ate again inside the old gates, where every corner is filled with antique charm.
Some mint tea and fresh pomegranate juice, hummus done just right, and bread to defy all other bread!
It doesn't get any better and I'm already planning my next trip abroad...

With Love,

Noa B


  1. i like your dress! the photos make your trip seem like such fun. :)