Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Science Primer

I've developed a new crush on this fabulous primer I've been testing out for the past two weeks. Meet Colorscience's SPF 20, bronzing primer!
This product goes on like silky, silicone but it's actually formulated with zinc and titanium dioxide. It's specialized formula allows your skin to reap all the benefits of mineral makeup without leaving that white, chalky appearance. So it can be used for camera work, Hi-Def, and of course, real life!
Thus far I've only tested the bronzing primer, but I love the healthy glow it gives my skin and the instant sun protection factor. I never re-do makeup once it's on, and after working 16 hour days on set all week/end, I can say that this baby really passed the test. Going into 24 hours of being up straight, I never once had to re-touch a smidgen of oil or shine anywhere on my face.
To get the maximum benefit, I recommend using a daily moisturizer and letting it set for about a minute.
Then, squirt one drop of this luxurious primer onto the tip of your finger. Smooth and blend.
Set with a little, lightweight powder. (I like Becca Sesame or YSL Poudre Sur Mesure.
And here's the finish. Disclosure: I'm wearing no foundation or concealer. Just primer, powder and blush.
 You can find Color Science here, as well as on Amazon, and Happy hunting!

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. I have never heard of bronzing primer before, but it totally makes sense. Looks like a cool product to try.
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