Friday, June 29, 2012

Calypso Love

I've become enamored with Calypso St Barts' style and flowing dresses. This morning I really wanted something with a drape, so I threw on this Kelli dress from last fall.

Now I know it's not customary to wear velvet in the summer, but silk velvet is extremely lightweight. And besides, we chucked those ancient rules about white, Labor day, and contrast colors eons ago...
My favorite thing about the Kelli is the soft, easy, back drape. I find that so many cowl dresses are cut so low you really can't wear a bra or undergarment beneath. But this one stops right above the bra line. Perfect.
Braids, feather and suede earrings, natural waves. It's easier to leave the house without all the heat styling ever since my rockin' hair-genius/buddy/assistant gave me quick-fix trim over the weekend!
Dress: Calypso, Heels: Charles David, Earrings: NYC Boutique, Bracelet: Unknown boutique

So out with the rules. Velvet in June? Check. Painfully high, gladiator heels? Check. More searching for new ways to wear what I've got? Check.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. another winning outfit! the back detailing looks amazing on you. the earrings & shoes delight me too.

  2. so so so so pretty on you! I will always be jealous of those shoes!!! xoxoxo