Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tel Aviv Street Style

I returned this morning from a trip abroad to my hometown of Tel-Aviv. The unexpected and joyful wedding to which I was Middle East bound gave me a fantastic excuse to check out some current, Israeli fashion. Not surprisingly, it's not that different from our own, beloved, LA and NYC fashionistas. (Check out the spiked booties and declarative, hipster-esque hat and suspenders)...
At a late night meal inside a hot spot bistro, I couldn't resist snapping our adorable waitresses on our second-to-last evening out on the town. Each one had her own, cute take on current trends. This cutie was wearing an open back, floral romper-print...
...While her cohort looked chic and urban in high waist-ed pants and a silky top. Very 40's, very "now". She was rocking it and I kind of wanted to steal those pants.
 Loving this leg!
For my part, it's all about dressing for the weather, which was already turning very, very warm.
So I donned a lot of sheer fabrics, (silks and chiffon and threadbare cottons). This is a vintage, sequined top I picked up at a boutique in Detroit, paired with ruffled, palazzo pants and my fave, Bedouin jewels.
 Pants: Boutique, Main Street Venice, Heels: Boutique 9, Top: Vintage, Bag: Rafe

Sadly, this trip did not leave room for my typical, flea market, antiquing, and trend, boutique shopping. I landed on a long, holiday weekend which closed down all retail businesses from Friday-Monday. But then again, there's always next year! In the interim, I'll close with a few "Inspirations" from Castro, a mainstream, Israeli, fashion brand. Enjoy!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Always nice to know what other girls are trending in different parts of the world. These are great styles. I love the summer dress and sneakers.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  2. you look fabulous! what cute waitress style. i also like the castro printed dress too.

  3. Such great street shots and runway inspirations! Pinning a few... you look fab too. xx