Friday, May 25, 2012

Kimono Love

I'm on a Re-saler, Crossroads Love-fest this past week.
Having created a new "rule", (if something goes in my closet, something has to come out) I've been on a clothing swap-out throughout April and May. (Call it my concurrent, spring cleaning).
These heels were a new trade, (meaning I traded some old things and got these still newly minted out of the box). (See the original blog here). The kimono was a recent find that was meant to be worn as a jacket, but I couldn't resist purchasing it to wear obi-sash style. The only thing I needed was a slip underneath and a few bits of silver.
 Plus my new, favorite tie-around, raffia and leather belt.
Vintage, Bedouin necklaces. 
 Kimono and Heels: Trade, Belt: Zara, Slip: Vintage via Melrose Flea Market

And It was off to my dear friend's birthday party at the "W"! Good times to be had! (If only I can manage to walk without stabbing myself with these heels... ;)

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Those heels are amazing. Pain for beauty! xx

  2. be careful! no one wants you to stab yourself with heels. the color scheme & the whole boho feel of your outfit screams stunning. :)