Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday Score!

Sometimes it's the rare find like a mint condition, designer dress that just happens to pop up on a Sunday, thrift run day. (Like this Black Halo Jacket dress here).

Other days, the best thrifting finds can be basics. Things we love and enjoy even more when they come at the price tag of mere dollars. Here are a few fun, layering items I recently found this past Sunday:
An adorable, no-name, cotton, tribal mini, denim leggings with bronze zippers, a soft, muslin, maxi dress for summer in the current, tye-dye style, a trendy black and white scarf, a Nordstrom brand denim jacket, a Theory, velvet blazer still perfect for the cool-ish weather, and a Burberry-style poncho. With the exception of the Theory blazer, all items were a dollar!
I organized them onto hangers after realizing I had just nabbed two, cute new outfits that were "set" and "weather" appropriate for work, and the dress will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Israel. It's got a cool, raw finish edge to the straps and rosettes which I'm really digging.
Oh dollar Sundays, how I love thee!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Great scores! God, I haven't been in FOREVER. Need to go soon. xx

  2. ... that is, if you haven't already nabbed all the good stuff from my dollar store. ;)

  3. C'mon lady! Let's go together when you're up and running! I've already nabbed some stuff here with your name on it... ;)