Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black Halo Jackie-O!

Have you ever been inundated by a dress or designer you couldn't get out out of your thoughts? Well I have. I purchased a Black Halo, Hana Mini dress last year and was so delighted by the fit that I wanted to go back for more. (See below)... Alas, Black Halo's don't come cheap, until now...
One of the best things about this line is their cuts, which are tremendous and make everyone look a size smaller. Here's an adorable style I keep seeing on celebs one after another. It's a take on a "Jackie-O" dress Black Halo did last season, only now it's got two tones, cap sleeves, and a square neck. In fact, Black Halo really does seem to be dressing everyone these days...
For those of you who have read my co-authored blog, Secondhand Star, you know that I've developed a deep and abiding passion for thrifting. This past Sunday after being "off" for a good month, I casually wandered into one of my favorite haunts and what should I see in the new items section?
You guessed it! A Black Halo two tone dress in their popular take on the Jackie-O style, (this one is called the "Jacket" dress) complete with tags!
From  $345, to $207, and finally, landing at my happy medium, (and Out of the Closet's Price point) of $25.50!!
Ah-Mazing! I can't get over my delight. My great friend "T" says thrifting is "Good for the environment and even better for your wallet". Words of wisdom!

P.S. If you want to see how Ms. "T" rocked her own Black Halo, Jackie O, check out her site here at November Grey. She looks absolutely phenomenal, and it was her discovery of this line that inspired me and made me fall in love with it! So get out there and try some second hand shopping of your own. You never know what might be awaiting you!


  1. SO funny you bought my dress! I'm happy with my classic Jackie O' - the black one is very sexy though. xx