Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BB Cream Update!

Good morning fellow product junkies!

I've noticed that ever since I discovered and began blogging about BB creams, everyone keeps asking after them. And suddenly they're springing up everywhere, from Estee Lauder to Smashbox and Garnier. So I thought I'd bring you a little update for the BB cream craze. After much sorting and testing, I've narrowed it down to two winners:

Missha M brand BB Cream: I recommend colors 21, 23, and 27. I LOVE this brand. I've been able to source it in Little Osaka and Korea town, but you can order it right here, on sale now. I love the true coverage on this brand and the fact that there is a range of undertones to choose from. You can use this formula more like a traditional foundation because the coverage has a fleshy tone to it. It hides imperfections and gives a sunny, warm finish. This tier of M is also their highest grade sunscreen, with a 42 SPF.
If you're fair and golden/yellow, grab #23 as a good, pinkey/beige base. If you're pale, try #21 for a milky glow. And if you're tan, go for the gusto and try #27. I use it to "fake" a tan, but it's been my "go-to" color for my Filipino and Indian or light skinned, African American clients.

Dr Jart BB Cream: In the skincare section of Sephora, you can grab this favorite of mine. I'm still using it daily. There are several tiers of the Jart cream, ranging in price and based on the level of sunscreen content. My recommendation? Go for the highest grade and spare yourself the UVA. This product only comes in one color, so if you're not Asian or Caucasian, try the M cream above. However, if you're light to medium skinned, this puppy is still a rock star. Smooth, brightening, and highlighting, it's a one trick pony for those who really don't want "makeup" but want to look smooth and rested.
And those are my two picks for current BB Creams. So give them a shot and see if you're not convinced that this is the next wave of makeup!

With Love,

Noa B

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