Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love concealer, I really do. Both as a makeup artist and a dark, under-eye, circle girl, I live and die by it. (It's my favorite product outside of mascara).

Today there are so many concealers on the market and it can be quite the challenge to choose one. So I've selected a few old time faves and newly acquired gems to share with you. Here are my best-of-the-bunch to test drive.

1: Makeup Forever HD Concealer Pen: This mid/medium weight liquid travels easily and utilizes a squeeze-through tip so that the product never becomes contaminated. A pretty, semi-matte, medium weight coverage good for a broad range of skin tones. This concealer is especially useful for the under-eye area as it's quite viscous and bends and reflects light subtly away from fine lines. It's available at most department stores, as well as Sephora, here.

2: Chanel Eclat Lumiere Concealer: Similar to YSL's famous, Touche Eclat, this wand/stylus comes in limited shades but does a great job re-highlighting and brightening existing concealer. For example, if you find your makeup has faded throughout the day, you can touch up with a dot from the wand and brighten without caking your existing product. More apt to be used as a re-touch item or overall highlighter, this is a great tool to throw in your purse for a late night out. (Or a morning after)...You can find it online here.

3: Clio Kamoflage concealer: German made, but Korean marketed. This item comes in limited shades but doubles as a creamy, pot concealer or blend-able base. It's malleable and moist. A good, all-over-the-face tool, it's easily found in Korean beauty suppliers, but you can also purchase it at Amazon.com here. And best of all, it builds from medium weight to full coverage. If you're having discoloration, ruddiness, or just want an all-over base that's compact, this is a pretty one to try. Color shades tend towards the warm yellows, so it's also great if you want to look a little tan.

4: Becca Compact Concealer: My go-to, all time favorite spot treatment concealer. This baby has both creamy and drier sides to cover any depth of blemish. And at 36 shades and counting, it's a skin matching rock star. Available at Becca Cosmetics, it's a one stop shop for zits, blemishes, dark circles and capillaries.

5: Ellis Faas Concealer Pen: Another great touch up or highlighter, this item comes in a slightly wider range of shades than Chanel and is best for lightweight, under-eye brightening. Another plus, in addition to the pretty and sheer consistency, is the bullet style pen which is truly chic and modern. You can find it at Sephora, here.

Well, those are my critics picks for concealer miracles.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Awesome post, Noa! You really should do more of these! You kno your stuff! :)



    1. Thanks Jen! Please feel free to let me know if there are ever any makeup questions you and your readers want answered. All feedback is welcome!

  2. I agree with jen! This is your market girl! I tag all of these makeup posts. And becca is my fave too... Because YOU introduced me to it!! Xx