Friday, May 3, 2013

Whirlwind Week in Review!

I feel as though I've been on hiatus from blogging for days, though it's barely been a week. I've become accustomed to the pace of production life. (You can go from having nothing but time on your hands, to not having a moment of "down time" very quickly). But it's been a wonderful week and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.
Dress: Romeo and Juliet Couture, Heels: Dior, Pearls: Hawaii, Bag: Unknown Boutique

I kicked it off Saturday at the premiere of my very dear friend's feature, directorial debut, "Welcome to the Jungle" with Adam Brody and Jean Claude Van Damme. I had no prep time, (I was literally racing from one gig to the next) but I had chosen this outfit the night before, so I was out of work togs and into premiere togs in 7 minutes flat!
I booked it down to Newport where I met my friend, made up his wife, and we all went out to the screening and after-party. The next morning I boarded a flight to SFO where I met up with my client to shoot an episode of her hit show for the Discovery Channel.

I spent four days up north, had a blast, and discovered that my client and I shared the same passion for vintage and thrift hunting, (notably, some vintage items I wore throughout the days, snapped by phone). She had the inside skinny on the good places to go after camera wrap nightly, and look at what we uncovered!
Fabulous, great quality leather clutches in that Oxblood color that was so hot all last season. I will definitely be recycling these babies next fall...
 A Louis Vuitton Silk Scarf! ($5.99). OMG, OMG, OMG!
Several fun items I also picked up, (but not pictured) included a DVF dress and a Donna Karen Jumper in silk. Another super current find? This rad Marciano Jacket I ended up wearing to dinner. It looks a bit like a cropped, smoking jacket.
Finally, an emerald, green, one shoulder dress with the tags still attached. I was so excited to find this in new condition, as it's the hottest color for summer!
In the midst of all this, I received a Facebook notification that I had made page 46 of US Weekly, (an unusual text to wake up to but kind of fun as well).
With the whirlwind winding down, I made it up to my home in Santa Barbara for a brief, 24 hour stint where I and my kitty Lola got 30 minutes of pure, sunny, downtime. Here she is tanning like a true diva on the pool lounger.
But after that glorious half hour, it was back to the grind, back to the reality of prep, work, shooting, and then some. And I couldn't be happier!

Hope your week was brilliant!

With Love,

Noa b

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  1. OMG pg 46! haha... congrats to some fab press, mama. And that first beaded outfit - adore! Some serious thrift scores too. Well done. Looking great, blondie. ;)

    Loves you!

    T xx

    November Grey