Monday, May 20, 2013

Hip'tique Event, (A Night out with my GF)!

Thursday night I had an opportunity to attend a little art opening at one of my "all time favorite" boutiques, Hip'tique, on Main Street in Venice. This particular event was created for mixed media painter Kelcey Fisher, and when I walked in I fell in love with his paintings. (I'm now scheming about which organ to sell off so I can buy one)!
Supporting art and fashion is always a blast, but getting to do it with a friend you haven't seen in a while is even better! This is Tanya Dempsey-Margaritov, of novembergrey. She's a decade long bestie, a fantastic actress, host and blogger, and a mother of two! (Look at her in this dress, can you believe that)??
And, as a mother of two children under 3, Tanya and I cherish the times we can meet because between her family and work and my shooting schedule, coming together means the planets have aligned. And that's what made this night so incredibly special. Seeing Tanya felt like no time had passed at all!
Pictured above my head is the piece that if we each had the cash, we'd be clawing one another over who would get to take it home. My house in Santa Barbara is full-on, 60's MOD, so I crave the color scheme and circles. But my home in LA is chock full of references to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, so I want this image which reminds me so distinctly of the iconic, "Maria"still.
There certainly was a piece for every taste. This particular series incorporated pieces of typed paper taken from various books. You can't see it from afar, but it's underneath all the paint and adds layers upon layers of texture and subtextual reference. Uber cool.
In addition to the art, Hip'tique carries such an amazing variety of clothing from a lot of local, LA designers. I died for the printed, silk and poly pants which I MUST have for this summer's trip to Hawaii.
Neons and retro prints! Yes, yes, yes!
 Beaded Shell: Hazel, Heels: Vince Camuto, Pants: LF, Earrings: Gift, Bracelets: Ross

After meeting the artist and enjoying the event, Tanya and I decided to cap off our evening at Chinois on Main, where we made the acquaintance of actor Seymour Cassell, (he decided to sit down and join us for dinner after chatting at the bar). Clearly a favorite of the restaurant staff everyone knew him as a neighborhood fixture. By the end of the night, so did we.

And that's the beauty of LA. Fashion, art, actors, all mish-moshed in a three hour bracket. You can't beat it!

With Love,

Noa B

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