Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tribal skirt and a new way to wear it

Have you ever bought a piece you thought was fabulous, and then been stymied by not being able to find anything to wear it with?
Well I felt that way for several months after buying this cute little tribal mini skirt during the Aztec, print craze. The thing is, the tones in the pattern aren't quite chocolate or black, or even coffee. They're made up of a deep, burnt bark color alongside an odd, putty shade that oddly enough, didn't pop well with most of my neutrals. So it sat in my closet for the last six months waiting for the right garment.
But last weekend on a thrift store scour I found this cute, short, placket blouse on a 1$ sale rack. I don't know why but the proportions and color were just what I needed to bring this skirt out for a play date. Finally! A way to rock it and give my other accessories an opportunity to come out of my closet.
Skirt: Sans Souci, Shirt: Vintage, Hat: Vintage, Heels: Vince Camuto, Tote: BCBG

I even brought out my BCBG bag from retirement to top it off. Sometimes a single dollar can be the best one you spend.

With Love,

Noa B


  1. i give this outfit an A+ :) hooray for 1$ thrift store finds.

  2. love your look!!lovely skirt!

  3. Wow, that skirt is AMAZING Noa! Love how you styled it -- especially dig the hat :)



  4. Love your blog!! that outfit is so cute! Now following! follow me below and like my fanpage for updates <3