Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crochet Pencil Skirt

I was having a conversation recently with a close friend. Actually, it was really more of an "intervention" with her regarding her closet. When I went to clean it out last week, I found that she had over 25 black, pencil skirts! All more or less the same too! I called for an immediate closet overhaul and a temporary ban on any further expenditures before we could do a little sorting and re-jiggering. (More on that in the coming weeks)...
I'm the first to admit that I adore pencil skirts, and I've been known to have a few black ones as a good staple in my closet too. But the best way to break a fashion habit or rut is just to turn it upsidown. So for all of you with too many black pencil skirts, (or whatever your fashion vice may be) here's a bit of advice:
Flip it! My solution to charging another black skirt on that credit card? Try your favorite silhouette in white!
You can make hard and soft meet with leather and lace. And mesh/leather booties further edge it up.
Skirt: H&M, Lace up Heels: Dior, Vest: Wow Couture

...Nicci, I'm coming for those two dozen skirts with a donation bag and an iron fist!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. another day, another great outfit! great mix of leather & lace. i gave my mom a closet intervention last summer. i said make room for things you want & need, ya know?

  2. I love this outfit. Everything fits so perfectly! I have a friend that buys the same things over and over, then tells me how bored she is with her wardrobe. Well, yeah. :)

    The Suburb Experiment