Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Hair!

Last week I returned to my favorite hair wizard/guru, Shiri Gornicki over at the illustrious, Chaz Dean Salon in Hollywood. Once again, she transformed my hair through patience, TLC and NO BLEACH, from my rather dire roots and faded color, to the soft mane I have now, leaving it fresh and color bouncy for summer.

She then proceeded to work her magic on my husband, who's become enamored of her cuts. My husband has the most beautiful head of hair. Think, super lush and wavy, (we jokingly call it "Jew-Fro") but it takes a certain expertise to cut it without accidentally achieving a "mushroom" effect.
But as always, Shiri worked her magic, and the result was fantastic!
Great cuts, great color, no bleach. No harsh chemicals. Just good, clean, happy hair for the two of us!
We love you Shiri! And we'll be back soon, for more cuts and color! 

For more on my experience with Shiri at Chaz Dean, see my Yelp review here! For information on the salon and to book an appointment, log onto Chaz's website here. And be sure to mention Noa sent you when you ask for Shiri! You won't regret it.

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! great photos too:-)