Monday, April 9, 2012

Rockin' the Re-sale!

Over the last two years I've become a really big fan of re-sale stores. I know, I know. Some of you are thinking, "wearing used clothing? Gross"!

Truthfully I once felt largely the same way, but for those still too squeamish for thrift and vintage, there's a great third option: the urban, re-saler.

If you have some duds you're sick of and want to trade, head into any of these fine locations and re-sale your gently worn items. National chains include Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and Wasteland. Some tips:
1: Only try to sell what looks current. Every good re-saler has a web page devoted to what their buyers are seeking each season. Above is Crossroad's guide for sellers this spring. (And you can get great ideas about current fashion. I've done blogs on trench coats, maxi skirts, tangerine, and rust colored jeans and coincidentally, they're all listed in this buying guide)!

2: Try to broom out anything you haven't worn in 6 months to year. Ten to one, you probably bought it on impulse and won't end up putting it on, but it's probably in almost new condition.

3: For those who don't want to purchase used garments, you don't have to. Most stores offer 50% credit, or 35% cash, but if you have extremely upscale designer duds, high-end, individual retailers will often go 40-60% cash on consignment. It can be worth waiting for that extra check at the end of the month.
Today I took 6 dresses into my favorite, local, re-saler, Crossroads. Amongst the items to trade, I had a BCBG Runway line cocktail dress with the original price tag still attached, a gorgeous, Marc Jacobs strapless number I'd only gotten to wear once, and a cute, Aqua, summer piece, (again, still with tags). To this I added 3 other designer duds only very lightly worn. 
I was preparing myself to take the cash and run when I spotted this leather, brand new ASOS jacket hanging in the window. I've been looking for a light brown or camel colored jacket for months, and here it was, a perfect trade for exactly the amount of credit I had!
So I swapped out. I consigned one dress for a higher figure, sold five, cleaned out my closet for spring, and left with an awesome little jacket. (Which hadn't even been worn yet)! And the best part? No money down!
So next time you're doing a little spring cleaning, check out your local re-salers wishlists online. You might just be carrying what they need!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. This is such a FANTASTIC post, Noa!! Makes me proud! You have taken this concept and tackled it with finesse, grace, and killer style! I'm directing my readers over to you today! (post here)

    T xx

  2. I wish the nearest Crossroads wasn't so far away! I have a bunch of the stuff on that list just languishing away in my closet. Maybe it'd be worth an hour to go and check it out though. :)

    The Suburb Experiment