Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Off Label: New Ways to Rock Your Bathroom Cabinet

In getting ready this morning I realized I use a lot of products in a manner sometimes referred to as "off label". This term is often bandied around for medical products, but it refers to using items for a different purpose than their label expresses. Here are a few favorites I've started using religiously off label with excellent results:

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner:
Here's an interesting fact I didn't know. Protein is actually bad for color treated hair and can produce more frizz. So adding keratin products, protein shampoos, and even Argon or Moroccan oil can damage colored hair more. Solution? Use a basic shampoo and conditioner, but follow up with 2/3 pumps of Wen Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner after showering and towel drying. Blow-dry hair and then add another pump all over ends as a styling creme. The result is unusually smooth hair for anyone with frizz. I've used this trick for a week now with excellent results!
MAC Well Dressed: 
Known as a blush for fair skin, this product is also an excellent, last touch after base or powder for anyone with yellow/olive/sallow skin. (I recently learned this trick from an amazing department head and boy, does it look fab on TV)! Grab a fan brush and swipe all over the face as you would a bronzer, and you'll notice yellowish undertones simply melt away! Another plus with this item is that it's demi-matte, so you won't sparkle or look shiny.
 Powder Blush
Olive Oil:
Simple. Add to lashes every other night for true conditioning and to reduce breakage.
olive oil a great buy at Trader Joes 
You'd be surprised at how many things can be used off label with staggeringly good results! You can mix olive oil with a bit of course sea salt and add it as a foot scrub while in the tub for silky heels. You can use a tiny bit of fresh lemon cut cross section-wise as a natural, morning peel. Toothpaste makes an excellent zit dryer, and Argan hair oil makes for a lovely, leg moisturizer. Mix it with a little bronzing powder and apply liberally for shiny, gorgeous gams! I use the following brands below:

Argan and Physicians Formula:
The best place to buy Argan is on Amazon, where I've seen it listed at 1/2 price. Physicians can be grabbed at any drug store.

 Mix em, blend em, and show off those legs!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Great tips! And I love mixing bronzer with oil on legs- been doing that trick forever!! Will try olive oil on lashes next! Xx

  2. I love WEN, used it on my hair today actually

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