Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cocktails on a Monday Night

I've been waiting to see a dear friend for what seems like months now. If she's available, I've just booked a job. When I'm not shooting, she's on a movie. We've been doing this dance since before Thanksgiving. But I'm so gratefull that last night we finally made time to meet up. We must've sat over dinner for nearly 4 hours!
We met on Melrose, and It was nice to have a reason to wear something funky. Like this new Free People, "Peacemaker" dress which is my latest indulgence. I rarely pay full freight for anything these days, but I just couldn't resist this fishtail number, It's so Boho, (which is my favorite of all styles and the one in which I feel most like "me").  It also comes in additional colors! (See the site link here). A quick trip to the manicurist also brought out some new colors, as she proceeded to add a solitary, silver nail to my otherwise teal green gels. Fun!
These amazing, thigh high kicks were purchased back a couple of years ago, and I realized they really hadn't ventured out of my closet. We all need to make our own, special occasions. And what's more special than seeing a friend whom you haven't sat down with in months? This requires GOOD SHOES! Namely, suede and grommet, pirate booties!
Dress: Free People, Boots: Sam Edelmann, Clutch: Target, Earrings and bracelet: JewelMint, Hat: H&M

Dinner, drinks, friendship. All in a day's work. What did you do last night?

With Love,

Noa B

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