Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Touches: Home Furnishings on a Dime

Furnishing on a budget is something I've always had to do. And with multiple moves in three years, the Hubs and I are becoming really adept at doing it on the fly. These are some of my favorite "little touches" we've picked up along the way over these past couple of months.
  • Chair: Modern Nook, $1399: Our price negotiated on a floor model in Korea Town, $400!
  •  Glass Vase: Marshall's, $15.00. Candle: Z Gallerie Outlet: $5.00
  • Shag Print from store: $795. Our price to reprint at Kinkos + Self Frame: Under $70.00! 
  • Z Gallerie Mustache frames at Outlet: $7.00 each.
  • Mid Century Sleeper Couch, All similar, $1999: $650.00!
  • Lamp: DWR Similar, from $189-$3995: Ikea Price: $89.00.
  • Saarinen Table: Rove Concept $999: Ikea: $199.00.
  • Eames Molded Plastic Dowel Chairs: DWR $499 each: Overstock, sale+coupon: 6 for $400.
  •  3 Day Blinds quote for kitchen, $2500! Custom shades from, $400, set of 3!
  • Glass Ball Lamp, Ikea: $60.00 for 2, "As Is" section
  • Framed print of "A Single Man", (gift from friend). Ikea Frame: $30.00
Starting an herb garden... Trader Joes, $10.00.

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. Just catching up on your posts... love seeing a home design one! I'm knee deep in HOME DESIGN right now. Love that you still use that Single Man print. xx