Monday, January 23, 2012

Working Togs

I'm always supremely happy when I'm on set. It means there's a day of creativity and productivity ahead.
Having said that, "set days" in LA are erratic for fashion wearers. You can go from hot to cold, and back to hot again when your environment, (and/or) stages change. It's not easy to be fashionable when you're anticipating standing for 12-16 hours. In other words, no high heels. (But it'll be a cold, dark, fashion-less day when you catch me working in sneakers).
And did I mention that makeup artists often accidentally splatter bases and powders everywhere? (Although It's possible that that's just me). So dark colors are a must. Having said that, being draped in a black t-shirt and dark jeans day after day can be so drab. So I try to always mix it up a little bit, while remaining practical.
This morning was an early start, and I didn't have a ton of time for hair, so I teased it into a back-combed bun and threw on a beaded headband. 
I wanted to wear a dress to set, and I find it's easier if you always have opaque tights or leggings on, even if you have a longer hem. I also like a drape-y jacket to stay loose and warm. This washed silk number had the benefit of being light yet breathable.
Wearing a dark print has the added benefit of disguising any makeup accidents. And layering jewelry is another good camouflage! I found the deer and the bronze dangle at re-sale and vintage stores, while the turquoise was a fabulous, Ideeli buy one night at 2am on set. (Don't you just love an impulse buy)?
And you can't go wrong with flats. (Or relatively flats). Even my lowest boots have at least 1". 
Jacket: H&M, Boots: Pour La Victoire, Dress: Lush, Necklaces: Re-sale and Ideeli, Tights and Headband: H&M.

This baby doll, layered look is rapidly becoming my new set staple. It feels a little more polished, but I'm still camouflaged in enough pattern and dark tones to disguise any mishaps. Fortunately, I got home today completely free of spills and splatters!

With Love,

Noa B

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  1. I love this!!!! This really helps me out. As you know I am a bit clumsy and at times move to fast. I never thought about dressing in a way to disguise any spills. Thank you Noa!! Oh yes, those boots... To die for!!!!