Friday, January 13, 2012

A working birthday

It's Friday the 13th. And it's my birthday! It's also another day on set. So I thought I'd share an outfit from this week's hectic, production schedule.
Linen jacket. Satin pants, and the always necessary and practical, biker boots for long days standing. This photo was taken on the first of 3 jobs I worked in a single day!
 But it's been a great week, filled with work, work, and more work!
And when work and friendship collide, it barely feels like a job at all. The always beautiful, Jelynn Sofia! Good people make long days easy!
Blazer: H&M. Jewelry: Vintage and Paris. Scarf: American Apparel. Boots: BCBG. Tank: H&M. Satin skinnies: BCBG

But the best part of this day? When I return home, I get to play with the beautiful, new camera my husband bought me for my birthday! Oh bliss! Thank you Ross. You are one in a million!

With love,

Noa B

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