Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With Liberty, and Cleansers for All

Hi Friends,

I've been finding that lately, my skin just isn't reacting the way it once did. Chalk it up to age, changes in weather, climate, or diet, but skin gets more and more confusing to take care of as we get older.
On that subject, I've been on the hunt for good makeup removers and cleansers that will help undue to some new and perplexing skin issues: Like going from dry to oily, smooth to congested, and everything else that climate and age can throw at me...

Here are some great finds that I have been extremely pleased with:

Boscia: MakeUpBreakUp Cleansing Oil:
What a find! I've used this product on and off for years, and I'd forgotten about it for a while. But on the hunt for a new eye cream I checked out the line again and was reminded of how much I love this item. It basically melts off eye makeup, including super waxy, waterproof mascara, in one go-around. Don't let the name fool you either. This isn't an "oil" in the traditional sense. It just operates like one in melting off hard to move, eye makeup.Who's skin does this serve? Everyone! It's hyper gentle and smells green and lovely. Another great thing about Boscia products? No parabens or preservatives.
Yves Saint Laurent: Temps Majeur Cleanser:
It may be apparent that I love cleansers that have an "oil" related component. This one really takes my breath away. I have to admit that I was loathing the idea of spending a much bigger bundle of cash on a mere cleanser. But when I got the hand care demo I couldn't believe how great this product felt. When you first squeeze it out of the tube, it looks like a creamy gel. But after you rub it for about 30 seconds it morphs into an oil that feels very much like Argonne. Long story short, there's a reason this item has a steep price tag. But if you can dig deep to spend it, it's worth it. Skin that cleanses with this baby feels buttery afterward, but without a trace of oiliness. When I finished cleansing with the "Temps" I felt like I'd had a facial.
Skincaremember.com: Micro-Dermabrasion Creme:
I fell in love with this exfoliant, and in fact, the majority of this entire skincare line after testing a variety of their products. One amazing little rockstar to share with you. The Micro-Dermabrasion Creme. it's got teeny-tiny crystals and a good scrub takes the entire day off. It's great for really getting down into those clogged pores and opening everything back up. I like to soak in a tub to really open my skin and allow the scrub to do its thing. The company recommends usage every other day, but I find it fairly gentle on a regular basis.
Peter Thomas Roth: Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel:
This is a fantastic, showering product that purports to be great for all skins "except sensitive". It leaves the skin refreshed and a little taut, and is especially effective for those with combination to oily skin. It also removes makeup very easily and a little dollop goes a very long way. I've found that a bottle can last about 4-5 months. This is a great item if you want to remove your makeup while showering.
Murad: Essential-C Cleanser:
I love this item! It smells citrus-y and wakes you up with a burst of grapefruit. Honestly, it's one of the nicest products to start your morning with, as far as aromatics go. Murad infuses most of their Environmental line with vitamins A, C and E, and this product is so popular that it often sells out online. There's a reason a lot of dermatologists love this line. It's gentle, pleasant, and yummy!
St Ives: Green Tea Scrub:
And finally, for that drug store score in us all, we have the old standby, St Ives. I bought this product because I needed a small, carry-on size to take on board a flight over the holidays. Imagine my surprise when I realized how good this stuff actually is! For anyone experiencing blemishes, give this product a week-long shot. It's drying out my face without any flaking or peeling. Bravo!

Well, That's all for today folks. Happy hunting and remember to always wash off your makeup at night!

With Love,

Noa B

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