Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BB Creams: Where have you been all my life?

Hi Everyone,

I'm so delighted to be able to introduce you all to my favorite new item in the world of makeup--B.B. Cream!!
A dear friend of mine recently came to stay with me, and while trading makeup tips and talking shop, she happened to ask if I had experimented with B.B. creams. I sheepishly admitted that not only had I not, but... what on earth was BB Cream?

Well, BB cream, (short for Beauty Balm) is in fact a relatively new category in the field of facial products. So new that very few retailers are carrying or developing it in the U.S.--yet...
Originated and developed in South Korea, BB Cream lies somewhere in-between the realm of tinted moisturizer, primer, concealer, luminizer, and sunscreen. An all over, miracle product, it's the perfect item for those of us who want to "even out" but don't want to feel "made up" as far as our skin. Somehow, BB cream manages to do what both the thinnest moisturizer AND the creamiest concealer do, with all the ancillary skincare and sun-care benefits mixed in as well.

Astonishing huh? I had to go out and test drive it for myself. Again, as BB creams are primarily still coming out of Asia, they're not that easy to spot. But here are a few of my new faves within the U.S. market to try!
#1: ...And my personal fave, Dr. Jart BB Cream. Available at Sephora and, this one trick pony does it all. I'm head over heels in love with its dewy, opalescent finish. One, pinky sized dollop is all it takes to wake up your skin, and since it's already got SPF 45 and concealing properties, little to no primer is needed beneath. One side note though, it only comes in a light, single shade for the moment and is best suited to fair complexions.
#2: Boscia BB Cream: Available at Sephora. Labeled as "BB" for "Blemish Balm", this formula appears to have more warming properties to make you look like a flushed, million bucks in a single step.The product is slightly peachier and deeper in color than Dr Jart, which is useful if you're not very fair skinned. I love its slightly drier texture and glide. Boscia is a Japanese line revered for their attention to more organically oriented ingredients. If you hop to your nearest Sephora, some of them are beginning to carry sample sizes of this product. So you can try it pain free!

  • Here's a look at the tone and overall finish after I applied 3 drops of Boscia BB cream plus blush.

  • And here's a sample of Dr. Jart's finish after adding a hint of powder to set.Voila! With just a hint of blush.
#3: Clinique BB Cream, available in shades 1 and 2 and currently available at Sephora. This product is neither as thick or rich as the other two, yet it's one of the only lines currently showcasing more than one color. A good starter BB Cream to invest in.
#4: Smashbox's new take on a BB Cream/primer combo. This item was not yet available to test in stores when I went hunting, but it's already shipping online in four colors, so stay tuned for a full review when it appears!

#5: Nanoce BB Cream: Available in a variety of Japanese retailers. I found this one at two locations, both in Little Osaka in West Los Angeles. But you can find this baby online here. I really like the fact that it also comes in shades 1 and 2, and I purchased shade two, which has a slightly bronzey quality.

With Love,

Noa B

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