Monday, December 2, 2013

Making Faces: A Holiday Glow

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Thanksgivings and Chanukah's were fabulous! And with Christmas and Kwanza just around the corner and parties looming, I thought I'd give you the lowdown on some fresh, makeup tips!
With the holidays upon us it pays to get your makeup bag in order so you look and feel great. And if you've read the "lust vs. must" columns in every magazine, you're probably familiar with how editors break down chic vs. cheap products. But as a makeup artist I wanted to personally prove through these photos that bargain shopping and comparisons aren't just about buying "similar" items. You can truly achieve a virtually identical look for less.
Above, a clean, fresh, highlighted makeup look created twice, once with my "dept store" products, and once with items available at your local drug store. These were shot two mornings in a row in my bathroom with virtually the same morning light. Can you tell which look is the luxe, and which look costs less?

Let's break it down! Image #1 was created with drug store makeup, and image #2 was applied with artistry brand makeup. I chose a clean, simple palette to explore highlighting with two budgets in mind.

Here's look #1: Applied with L'Oreal, Rimmel, Pixi, Black Opal, and ELF.
I began with a base foundation, mixing L'oreal BB Magic with a dab of Rimmel BB Cream in medium to blend out flaws. For under-eyes, I swept ELF Studio HD concealer in dots beneath my lashline. To this, I added a touch of Pixi by Petra Glow to Go along the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and forehead to create a warm highlight.

For my eyes, I swept a chocolate/taupe shadow by ELF, swiped Rimmel Scandal eyes pencil in glittering black on my waterline, and coated top and bottom lashes with three coats of L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Noir. I dusted Black Opal translucent powder to set and finished with a dot of L'Oreal shimmer on my inner eye corners in a champagne tone. I lightly contoured my cheeks with a subtle peach blush from ELF and topped it off with some pale beige, Burt's Bees gloss.
Look #2: Applied with NARS, Armani, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Benefit, T Le Clerc and Jouer.
For take two, I began with Rouge Bunny Rouge Age Defying Foundation and added finishing touches with NARS cream concealer. To highlight I dabbed Armani fluid sheer liquid on my cheekbones, forehead and bridge of the nose. I dusted T Le Clerc's Rose Ambre powder to set, and blended a dash of Benefit's Coralista blush on the apples of the cheeks. For eyes, I swept a mid-chocolate shadow from Urban Decay in YDK, followed by a NARS chubby eyeliner in black glitter. I used three coats of mascara, mixing Clinique Lash Doubling with Benefit Bad Gal in black. I highlighted my inner eye corner with Rouge Bunny Rouge pigment in Cashmere and topped it all off with a nude gloss from Jouer.
Although there are some subtle differences, (for example, the "luxe" face has a little more moisture and dewiness due to the emollient rich feel of the products) the looks are virtually the same. (But the price tag is not)!

Look #1: $92.00
Pixi Glow to Go: $25
Rimmel BB Cream: $7
L'Oreal BB Magic: $10
Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Black Shimmer: $4
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Noir: $9
ELF Blush in Candid Coral: $3 
Concealer in ELF Studio HD Light: $3
ELF Shadow in Saddle: $3
Black Opal Translucent Setting Powder: $7
Highlighter: L'Oreal High Intensity Pigments: $12
Burt's Bees Gloss in Sunny Day: $9

Look #2: $342.00
Armani Fluid Sheer #2: $59
T L'Clerc Rose Ambre Powder: $50
Rouge Bunny Rouge Age Defying Foundation in Wheat Cream: $55
NARS Glitter Eye Pencil in Aigle Noir: $24
NARS Radiant Concealer: $28
Benefit Blush in Coralista: $28
Urban Decay Shadow in YDK: $18
Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Glitter in Embrace of Cashmere: $27
Bad Gal and Lash Doubling Mascaras: $19 and $14
Jouer Gloss in Blush: $20

So if you're gearing up for office parties, soirees and the like, consider topping off your bag with some fresh faced goodies. But before you do, check out what's trending and then be sure to test colors and ideas both at your local beauty counter, as well as the drugstore in your neighborhood. You may be surprised at what you find!
With Love,

Noa B

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