Wednesday, December 4, 2013

" A" For Asymetry

Today the Hubs told me that this was the last week of "warm" weather, (above 70') in Santa Barbara that we'd be getting this year. Since I don't like tights all that much, I thought this might be a last day to have fun with shorter hemlines before it's too brisk to risk!
I'll admit, there's a significant portion of my dresses that are feeling pretty snug after a full blown, 4 day Thanksgiving/Chanukah, pecan pie and Latke binge. Fortunately this Maggie London is mostly stretch tricot. (Although I may have to include a healthy, cleanse blog in the near future)...
I love asymmetry, and the neckline on this dress is striking without any added accessories. I don't want to adorn it with anything but simple hoops.
Dress: Maggy London, Boots: Frye, Bag: BCBG, (Old), Lips: MAC Russian Red

I love when random items I love but don't often wear suddenly and magically just work with another piece. This BCBG tote is really old, and these Frye boots have been with me for several seasons, but they happen to be the exact, chocolate tone of my dress' insert panels. Just proves that even I shouldn't toss too many things away post-season...

With Love,
Noa B

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