Friday, December 27, 2013

Beach Worthy

What do you wear when it's 80 in December and the sun is beckoning you to the beach?
Why, Pajama pants and a Kimono top of course!
Seriously though, it was so wonderfully balmy yesterday and it was all I could do to remind myself that it's indeed winter. (Sorry east coast family). In an effort to seem conscientious, the Hubs and I took our work with us to the beach...
I wanted a bag that wasn't going to return home filled with sand. This PVC clutch from 9September on Etsy was a perfect, beach day purse. It folds just like an envelope but it's made out of plastic and can't get ruined by dirt, oil or water.
Kimono: Mona B, Pants: BB Dakota, Clutch: Etsy, Earrings: Boutique, Bracelets: JewelMint & Boutique

We had a great day lounging/working, and when I got home I didn't bring the whole beach back with me, thanks to my plastic accessories.

With Love,

Noa B

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