Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge: Summer Color Review

My very dear friend Kacey set me on a task last week. She challenged me to use every available product in the Rouge Bunny Rouge line to create a fun and wearable, summer look. The test was to use one of everything while still looking natural. Having reviewed the line's incredible foundation in a previous blog here, I knew I was in for a treat!
The trick with most product is in knowing key elements of their application. So I began by priming my skin with RBR's original Primer, to which I added their Time Defying Foundation in Wheat Cream. I'm not a big foundation wearer by day, but RBR's liquid is so creamy and dreamy that it feels like applying liquid silk to one's skin. The result once blended is unbelievably poreless.
After dotting on the base where it was needed, I blended it into a seamless finish using a kabuki brush and a swirling motion.
Next I applied the finely milled, Flawless Face Powder in Piano. I love this product because it adds a warming element to the skin. I topped it with a highlighter powder across the t-zone and upper cheekbones, in Sweet to the Touch. This gave my skin a slightly glossy effect.
For eyes, I chose this summery, pastel duo to highlight with a wash of color. What could be more fun in June than pastels?
I swept the lilac base from lid to crease. The pigments are incredibly velvety and practically blend themselves. Next I added a plum colored liner along my upper lash line to enhance the color tone.
I added the mint green shadow from the eye duo to my lower lash-line and smudged a hint of black eyeliner into the inner water line to seal the deal.
Next came the shimmer pigments. I chose a beige coupled with a hint of gold to give the shadows some subtle, but extra highlighting. RBR's pigments are finely milled and because they come with an applicator, you don't get messy bits of glitter falling across your face as you apply. It's a great system for enhancing depth without creating mess.
I swept the applicator wand through my crease and tapped the color lightly into my inner eye corner. This added shine and additional highlight. 
Then came lips. I used RBR's extraordinary array of pink liners, lipsticks, and glosses for a bright and modern, pink tone. I wanted a pink that wouldn't look specifically "mod" or "60's". The key to a modern, pink lip is not to go too matte or chalky. I  filled in my lips top to bottom with the Long Lasting Lip Pencil in Vasco.
I also bulked up my upper lashes with black mascara but tipped my lower ones with RBR's burgundy mascara, which really brought out all the plum tones and added another layer of color depth. For anyone with blue or green eyes, this is a great trick to dramatically enhance lashes without feeling too dark and heavy.
After applying Sheer Lipstick in Fluttering Sighs and Angel's Play gloss, I polished off my skin with RBR's Original Skin Blush in Habanera. Just a swipe across the cheekbones gave me a flush of natural color. When creating a makeup look it's important to achieve balance. This look was all about summer eyes and shimmer. So blush and lips remained subtly soft.
RBR also makes a variety of glitter liners, called Quartz Liners. I pulled the Amethyst pen and ran it lightly under my lashes. 
 And topped it off with a subtle swish of black, liquid liner on my upper, lash line.
Just a narrow line at the eye's edge gave my lash line a framing effect.
And voila...
 The challenge was to create summer style, and find the balance with a variety of products. Here's my take.
You can find Rouge Bunny Rouge at their online boutique here.

With Love,

Noa B

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