Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Casual "Down" Day

I think it's ironic that in production we refer to a day off as a "down day". When my day off comes, (as it did today) I'm as "up" as up can be! A day just for me to do whatever I choose! ( In this case, catching up on a novel half read, sifting through magazines, and even power cleaning my carpets). Down Day? Bliss Day!
 It's warm enough for a skirt but I'm taking the flat, practical boots for the errands that are to come...
I have loads of older jewelry from Israel, and when a really old, vintage piece falls apart I re-string it into something new. This morning I re-set these antique beads on a silver chain. Result? Perfect, semi-choker. And do you love this lipstick and shadow combo as much as I do? It's all part of my upcoming makeup review for Rouge Bunny Rouge. Tune in tomorrow to get the skinny on this fabulous, emerging brand.
Skirt: Target, Boots: Dolce Vita, Shirt: BP Collection

Now I'm off to grab groceries and bake a cake for my honey, (I found a great sounding recipe on my dear friend's blog here). So I'll be testing it out this afternoon while enjoying the sun streaming through my windows.

Whatever you're doing, I hope it's a fine, "up" day you're having!

With love,

Noa B

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