Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working Gear

Yesterday as I headed out to my 6AM call I thought I'd snap a couple images of my "working togs" as they pertain to set. Basically, set work demands the wearing of closed toes shoes and no open underarms. Certain rules apply and you have to have mobility and functionality to work a 16 hour job on your feet.
My typical day can begin as early as 3AM, (and I always spend quality time with a certain, bewhiskered friend before leaving for work). Anytime between 4-6AM can find me out the door.
This is my easy fallback, even in summer, (since we can't be open-toed on set). Harem pants, blazer in a super lightweight fabric, cotton shell or tank, and a single piece of jewelry.
I'm getting so much use out of this Kate Young jacket. I don't have to worry about getting makeup stains on it because it's polyester, so I can throw it into the regular wash cycle, and it's very thin so it works in hotter weather. 
Jacket: Kate Young for Target, Tank: Thyme and Honey, Pants: ASOS, Boots: C&C, Lariat: Made by a friend

Just enough time to grab some blog pics as the sun was literally coming up behind me!

With Love,

Noa B


  1. Great look, honey! And the sun in the first shot is beautiful!

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

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  2. I looked forward to getting this for myself. I also want to find good sheepskin jackets for my husband, he is such an addict to these, it seems that has what I want.