Monday, June 10, 2013

Tears and their Reality

On set shooting all weekend, I sat idly pulling tears from a stack of my personal magazines that had been piling up by the dozen. I'm a big believer in tears. In fashion design school we made books and books of them. In New York City at every design studio I worked in, the walls were tattooed with them. Pulling tears was like breathing.
Thus the habit has died hard with me. But I was tickled this morning when I realized in packing for an overnight trip, I unconsciously packed yesterday's tear sheet!
Shirt: Millau, from Leif, Scarf: Gap, Sandals: Sam Edelmann, Shorts: Traded from friend, Nail Polish: Gift

Please excuse the bad picture, (I'm literally running out the door) but I thought it was funny and ironic. Those of us who love style, fashion and beauty imbibe so much from printed media. Sometimes it's there in our brains before we even know it. These simple items were all culled at different times and none terribly recently. Yet here they are, ready to wear and right on trend. Who knew?

With Love,

Noa B

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