Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to dress for the Airport

Often when I thumb through a style-watch magazine, there's an insert about how celebs look coming in and out of airport terminals. I'm always impressed at how they manage to look really breezy with virtually no effort.
Since I'm heading to LAX for a work trip, I thought I'd add my own, personal insight into successful, dress habits for travel:
1: Start with an ultra soft T-shirt. I like Old Navy and Zara for thin, semi-opaque cotton. A good tee is worth it's weight in fashion gold.

2: Choose jeans that have stretch, (a little lycra is always best). Rather than defaulting to boyfriend blues, mix it up with color or a pattern. I LOVE these leaf patterned babies I found at Polka Dots and Moonbeams.
3: Add a loose blazer. I usually take a longer one that is roomy enough to pull all the way around me like a light blanket on the plane. This one comes from Kate Young. Long and loose is comfy, travels well, and still looks current.

4: Make sure to take semi-flat shoes. I like a one inch heel to give my arch some support when I'm standing on long lines. Choose something you can slip in and out of easily. These Kelsi Dagger flats zip in the back of the shoe, making them easy to slide on and off.
5: Finally, nix all jewelry, (and/or hats and scarves) since you'll have to remove them for the scanner, opting instead for a crossbody bag to add color. Pick something you can throw a necklace, a phone and possibly a slender novel or Ipod into, and still keep on your person, rather than a heavy shoulder bag.
Tee: Old Navy, Flats: Kelsi Dagger, Jeans: Level 99, Blazer: Kate Young for Target

Provided you're checking luggage, you can sail through the terminal quickly and comfortably. Wish me luck!

With Love,

 Noa B

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  1. Those shoes - SO cute & SO perfect! Love this whole look!