Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conceal/Reveal: An Update

Last month I had the privlege of working on the NBC sitcom, "Go On" with the fabulous, Ms. Kymber Blake, (a dear friend and extraordinary makeup artist). Stepping into that trailer was an utter joy, and I wanted to take a moment to share some great, new products I picked up along the way, (as well as answer some questions I've been getting from friends about makeup application). So for the next few days I'll be bringing you makeup tips, products, and How-To's to get you prepped for some Thanksgiving glam!

To begin with, I wanted to quickly update my former concealer blog, Conceal/Reveal, which you can check out to see some of my standbye, favorite, dark circle banishers. However, I picked up two fantastic, new products that are making their way up my list. The first was introduced to me by Kymber, and that's the Amazing Concealer, which you can purchase at Sephora, (or if you're in LA) Nigel's in Burbank. 
Amazing is a full coverage, stay put, absolutely opaque concealer which looks phenomenal when blended out with a little eye creme, (or if you're in the biz--244 fluid). This tiny tube is a little pricey at 27$ and $42 a pop, but one tube will certainly go for about 4-5 months. It's ultra thick and rich and a tiny dab lasts all day. This is one I really recommend for new moms or those with truly dark circles that the average concealer won't fully cover. This is also great for scar coverage, melasma, and other discolorations. You can even wipe out a tattoo with it!

The second is one I discovered while actually shopping for "Amazing". This is Inglot, a beautiful, Polish line manufactured entirely in the EU.
I stumbled across it last week at Nigel's Beauty Emporium in Burbank. Inglot concealers come in an extremely wide range of colors, and they're very moist and malleable with a bit of shine to pop the skin. You can check them out at Inglot.com and find a location near you, or you can shop them directly at Nigel's if you live in LA. What I like about the line is the ease and portability, (everything is modular and can be popped in and out of palettes). What also drew me to test drive a couple shades was the fact that the refill concealers were only $5.00 a pop!
So I began. I applied my test colors literally onto bare skin. No moisturizer, no base, no primer. Just me and the product. Because there's mineral oil in the these I wanted to see how they laid directly on the skin with no help at all--for those quickie days when you're truly on the go!
After having placed a full layer on the top of my lid, my undereye, and al the way out to my cheekbone, I went in again and popped a bit more in the inner corners for coverage.
I pressed gently to pat the product into place. A gentle tap and then a quick set with a powder brush to set.
And this is it. Full disclosure: there is no other makeup is on my face except for mascara. Just Inglot concealer and me.
I may have to add this bad boy to the regular arsenal. So for those of you looking for fun and cheap, head over to Inglot.com to check out all their US locations. And for those crazy, sleepless night, invest in Amazing. You won't be sorry!
With Love,

Noa B

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