Sunday, November 4, 2012

French Connection Meets Renuar

I'm a really big fan of French Connection's clothing, and I've had this Columbine dress earmarked on ASOS for the past month.
Imagine my excitement when this weekend I happened upon this incredibly similar dress as my favorite thrift store, (Out of the Closet) for a buck! Best yet, it happened to be Renuar, a well known, Israeli brand, so I felt lke I'd really scored a hit!
I love the soft interplay of colors, and since it's an easy neutral, I can pair it with any number of scarves and accessories for fall, like warm, chocolate tights and slouchy boots with an oversized coat or granny sweater.
I'm also in love with this trumpet hem. I find that being blessed with hips, I may not be able to rock a trumpet in a peplum, but a hem is up for grabs on any body type!

You just never know what you'll score if you keep your eyes open. I can't wait to throw this on, layered and accessorized for the season. And if I need some inspiration, I can check out more items from Renuar's catalog right here. A few favorite items I might try ordering from abroad include these maxi dresses, and this great, suiting look.

With Love,

Noa B

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